Student Welfare


The Rutherglen High School Community follows an ethos based on our Code of Cooperation. These values are supported by a Welfare Team dedicated to providing assistance to our students.

Students and their families have access to a range of Welfare staff at Rutherglen High School, including:

  • Principal and Assistant Principal
  • The Welfare Coordinator
  • Senior and Junior School Leaders
  • Year Level Coordinators
  • School Nurse
  • School Counsellor (visits every second Friday)

Welfare Staff are available to:

  • Discuss personal or family problems, particularly those affecting a student’s academic or social development.
  • Assist students or families who have financial difficulties
  • Organise and implement Personal Development and Life Skills Programs-anger management, grief counselling, organisation, self esteem, body image, anti bullying/cyber bullying
  • Organise mediation to resolve minor disputes
  • Hold 'Restorative Conferences' to provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Support Students At Risk

Welfare Coordinator
The school’s Welfare Coordinator will also:

  • organise appointments for students to see the School Counsellor
  • provide referrals to external agencies that can assist students and families
  • organise Student Support Group Meetings

School Nurse
Our School Nurse is available two days each week for:

  • Informal counselling
  • Health Issues
  • Group Programs - Girls Group, Boys Group, Great Victorian Bike Ride, Meditation and Stress Relief, Breakfast program.
  • Training Staff for appropriate responses to Anaphalaxis and Diabetes issues
  • Parent support


Expenditure and Financial Assistance


Booklists will be distributed to students late October/early November and booklists need to be returned by the specified date. Payment for requisites must be made at time of receipt. Parents are not compelled to use the pre-packed system. Purchases of second-hand books are the responsibility of parents and students. Please make sure that the book that is required is the correct edition and is in good condition.


In order to reduce the cost of books to parents, in many subjects, class sets of texts are purchased by the School for the use of pupils. Photocopied and duplicated materials are also provided for student use in most subjects. A Levy will appear on the booklist to cover these costs.


School camps operate at Years 7, 9, 10 and 12. Adequate notice is provided to allow families to budget for the camps and to make an initial deposit as well as periodic payments. Parents are also able to utilise EMA payments to cover the cost of camps. Students can also participate in fundraising activities to reduce the costs of the more expensive camps.


Where parents find the cost of keeping pupils at school a hardship, application can be made for the provision of assistance for books and/or maintenance. Four forms of government assistance are available:

Youth Allowance:

An allowance is available for students over 16 years of age - on a needs basis. Details are available from Centrelink.

Conveyance Allowance

When pupils reside more than 4.8 kilometres from the School bus or a recognised bus route, application can be made for a Conveyance Allowance towards the cost of transport by car. Application forms should be obtained from the School office during the first week of the school year.


School Events

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