Year 10 - Senior School

Year 10 Subjects are blocked with Year 11 and Year 12 subjects to enable acceleration and access to VET and VCE Units 1/2 for Year 10 students.

A standard Year 10 program would involve the selection of an English, Maths, Science and Humanities each semester plus the selection of 2 other electives each semester or accessing VET or VCE studies.

Alternative Pathways can also be negotiated to provide for specialisation and special circumstance. e.g. School-based New Apprenticeships.

Vocational Stream

One specific Pathway is for those students who see themselves entering the workforce before they complete Years 11 and/or 12. These students will undertake more workforce related subjects and a greater number of practical or hands on subjects.
Vocational Education students would undertake a course that includes, in consultation with a Coordinator, Literacy, Numeracy, PE, Applications, Pathways . They can choose from the full range of electives including VET subjects (i.e. Vocational Education and Training) and would be encouraged to do so.

Year 10 Urban Camp

A Year 10 camp is held in May each year. This 4-day Camp aims to provide opportunities for students approaching school leaving age to:

  • Experience a wide range of cultural, community, industrial, social, economic and recreational environments not available in the local area.
  • Encourage independence and self-reliance in an unfamiliar urban environment.
  • Become more aware of a greater range of career opportunities and facilities available at further education establishments.
  • Allow students to enhance learning in course work that has been undertaken at school.
  • Become more familiar with Melbourne and its public transport system.
  • Provide an opportunity to arrange and keep appointments in an independent and responsible manner.

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